Have you faced drainage and sewage issues? If your answer is affirmative, then you are not alone! Drainage and sewerage problems are the biggest problems in commercial areas. If there is any problem with the sewage, it interrupts the whole water supply.

Sewage systems were invented by Romans in 600 B.C to channelize the waste water to maintain the sanitation of the city. And the problem related to your Sewage and drainage systems lead to health risks like bacteria entering the flowing water in the pipeline, causing waterborne disease. It degrades the water's taste and smell and makes the pipeline corrode, which harms the pipeline's durability.

This article explains the details about drain & sewer leakage solutions. A professional plumber in Gainesville GA is required to clean or fix drain & sewer leakages. It also describes the advantages of routine drainage system maintenance, how to pick a commercial drain cleaning company, and how to choose a trustable plumber in Gainesville GA. 

Common Causes of Drain and Sewer Clogs in Commercial Settings

There are many reasons by which drainage and sewage problems occur. It is highly significant to discuss the root cause of any sewage problem. Here are the following reasons for clogging:

  • Blockage: Blockage occurs for many reasons when small substitutes of vegetables, wood, hair, grease etc., get struck in the pipeline. This leads to blockage and interrupts the flowing rate of water.
  • Tree roots: Some small trees that grow inside the ground damage the pipeline. In that case, the new pipeline installment is to be done.
  • Rusting of pipeline: The metallic pipeline gets corroded with the alkaline water over time and thus, resulting in corrosion and rusting. It is better to use fiber and PVC pipelines to prevent rusting.
  • Improper installation: Installation with improper guidelines leads to many problems after some time. It is suggested to follow the ideal guideline, before installation of the pipeline is to be done.

If proper guidelines are not followed, this will result in a costlier repair and in the worst case, we will have to change the complete pipeline. A professional drain sewer service is required to detect and resolve the problems as early as possible without taking extra time and charging heavy fees.

Types of Commercial Drain and Sewer Cleaning Services Available in Gainesville

There are many commercial drain and sewer cleaning services in Gainesville, like Cannon Plumbing who provides reliable and safe services in plumbing. There are several types of methods that are used in cleaning drain and sewer systems; here are those:

  • Snaking: Snaking is the basic and manual method to remove the blockage in any pipeline. A flexible wire with a folded head is inserted in the drain pipeline, and with help of it, the blockage is opened.
  • Hydro-jetting: Hydro-jetting is also a well-known method in which high-pressure water is injected into a blockage pipeline, and due to this, liquid blockages like grease and oil are drained out.
  • Chemical drain cleaner: In this method, acidic chemicals are used to melt down the blockage, and thus, the formed slug is drained out. This method is harmful as it will erode the internal surface of the pipeline, so it is done by commercial drain and sewer cleaning plumbers with proper measures.
  • Video inspection: In the video inspection method, the long stick contains video cameras that show live videography inside the pipeline. With the help of this device, we will easily access the main blockage and act accordingly to remove it.

Choosing a Commercial Drain and Sewer Cleaning Service in Gainesville

You need to consider many factors before choosing drain sewer services in Gainesville:

  • Easy availability: The availability of commercial drain and sewer cleaning services in nearby areas is required whenever you need the service. You will get the service at your doorstep.
  • Affordability: We must seek the advice of reasonable sewer cleaning services. The service fee should be reasonable without sacrificing quality.
  • Warranty: The service warranty needs to be checked. If a good service warranty is provided, it will increase the preference for the service over the other services.
  • Review: The review needs to be checked properly, as the review acts as a testimony to prove the quality of the service. If most of the reviews are good, then in that case, the service is considered to be best.

Importance of Regular Maintenance for Commercial Drain and Sewer Systems

Drainage and sewer systems need to be maintained properly and regularly. It costs you heavily if you do not maintain the drain and sewer system. Here are the important tips to maintain the drain and sewer systems:

  • Lifespan: The pipeline's lifespan is increased if we do regular maintenance and servicing. It will reduce the risk of damage and increase the pipeline's lifespan.
  • Improve sanitation: The sanitation of the flowing water improves as the bacteria develop in the blockage area and mix with the water that makes the water unhygienic.
  • Improve in the pressure: If the obstruction in the pipeline is removed, the pressure of the water that is flowing increases. The water will flow at the ideal rate.
  • Reduced cost: Commercial drain and sewer systems' regular maintenance cut down on installation and replacement expenses. This is the reason why the business drain and sewer system needs to be maintained on a regular basis.


In conclusion, a plumber in Gainesville GA working for plumbing companies like Cannon Plumbing are fully-insured, experienced, and licensed. They provide reliable and safe services at very nominal charges and have better reviews.

This article reviewed the draining and cleaning services in Gainesville. We also described how blockages, tree roots, rusting, and other factors are frequent causes of sewage and drain issues. We explored numerous techniques, such as hydro-jetting, video inspection, snaking, and chemical drain cleaner, to fix the drainage and sewer issues.

Before selecting any reputable commercial drain and sewer cleaning services, there are a number of factors to take into account, including accessibility, cost and others.

We have talked about the advantages of routinely maintaining and cleaning drain and sewer systems. It lengthens their useful lives and enhances the quality of the water they produce.